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What Are the Different Types of Headaches a TBI Can Cause?

Posted on August 30, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

Headaches are a frustrating and common symptom of traumatic brain injury. For some, they are an infrequent nuisance, but others suffer crippling pain from TBI-induced headaches. Not all headaches are equal, however – the type of headaches you get could be invaluable information for your medical care provider. Here are some of the types of headaches caused by TBI. Types of Headache Migraines and neurovascular headaches. Approximately 20 percent of post-traumatic headaches (PTHAs) are migraines, though the number is hard to pinpoint. These are thought to result from changes in blood flow inside the brain. Musculoskeletal headaches. These are often overlooked and can occur in the muscles or bones of the head, neck, shoulders and jaw. Tension headaches. These occurs at the temples and can lead to stress, diminished thinking capacity and even depression. Neuritic and Neuralgic pain. This type of headache results from injury to the nerves of the…
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Why Is TBI Considered a Silent Epidemic?

Posted on August 28, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

We often read that traumatic brain injury is a “silent epidemic,” and this is completely true; in 85 percent of mild TBI cases, signs do not show up in scans, and it can take a long time for a person to notice symptoms of a brain injury. An estimated 5.3 million Americans are living with disabilities resulting from brain injury. Even then, the numbers could be skewed, as many do not consider concussions to be brain injuries. These statistics are almost certainly conservative, because many cases of TBI are simply not recognized. The numbers are perhaps the most sobering part of the TBI epidemic. Even with the conservative estimates, there are still brain injuries occurring every 15 seconds in the United States. Usually, that person is young, but no group is immune. Approximately 100,000 people are killed every year by TBI and 500,000 more are permanently disabled. Every year, 80,000…
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Race Car Crash Leaves Spectator Unable to Work after TBI

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

Indianapolis is no stranger to racing – soon, we’ll be hosting the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, which is sure to be a massive event. But there is a danger inherent to the high-octane thrills of racing, one that left several fans injured in a 2013 Daytona race car crash, leading to at least one severe traumatic brain injury. The crash happened when Kyle Larson’s No. 32 car went airborne and slammed into the track’s crossover gate. A crossover gate is a removable section of the outside track wall that allows spectators onto the track before and after a race. Because the gate can be opened, it is one of the weakest parts of the structure. When the no. 32 car went airborne, the catch fence did not work, sending shrapnel from the crash into the audience. One fan was left with a lacerated dura due to a skull fracture;…
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