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How Can the Brain Heal Faster?

Posted on August 31, 2014 by Doehrman Chamberlain

After sustaining a concussion, many people try to push themselves before the brain has had enough time to heal from the damage. The Cleveland Clinic says the brain heals faster when it is not active. Specifically, the brain needs cognitive rest from the following activities: Video games Television Reading Studying Are School Officials Pressuring Kids to Return to School Before Their Brain Has Healed?    If a concussed patient follows the doctor’s orders for physical and cognitive rest, his or her brain should be back to normal in seven to 10 days. Failing to get needed rest after a concussion can result in the healing process taking weeks. Unfortunately, for many kids, the healing process can take longer than it should because of pressures to continue school earlier than they should. The Cleveland Clinic says, “Pressure from teachers or other authority figures to resume normal activities contributes to the difficulty…
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Does Location of Trauma Affect the Severity of a Concussion?

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Doehrman Chamberlain

We have always stressed the dangers of concussions. To classify one as a “minor injury” only downplays the damage it can cause. Now that people are learning more about concussions, football has been in the spotlight even more. Although you may always hear about a football player sustaining a concussion, you rarely hear where that player was struck on the head. According to, researchers from the Colorado School of Public Health and the University of Colorado at Denver looked into whether location of trauma in football affected the severity of a concussion. In the researchers’ conclusion, they found that the location of a hit to the head does not make a concussion any worse. This finding surprised some of the researchers, one told Reuters Health, “Based on some of our prior research, we expected to see some differences.” Where on the Head Do Most Concussed Players Incur Trauma? Although…
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Is It Dangerous to Move a Person with a Brain Injury?

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Doehrman Chamberlain

It is common knowledge that when dealing with a victim of a brain injury, only trained medical professionals should move the person. If an untrained person tries to move the victim of a brain injury, they may do more harm than good. WTHR-TV reports that bicyclists participating in the Little 500 race are instructed to stand back up as quickly as possible following a crash. While it makes sense to have a rider stand up instantly to avoid being run over, this might be dangerous for bicyclists who have sustained a brain or spinal injury. In other words, telling an injured victim to stand up immediately after a crash could result in more injuries. What Is the Little 500? The Little 500 is an iconic collegiate bike race that has been held annually for half-a-century. Unfortunately, in mid April, one Indiana University (IU) student suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI)…
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