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Sleeping Problems after My Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

Problems falling or staying asleep are very common symptoms for victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Lack of sleep can lead to several others issues such as irritability, fatigue and anxiety, and it can worsen other common emotional problems like depression. Your work can suffer, and you could face increased risk of further injury such as car or workplace accidents. Some studies suggest that as many as 60 percent of TBI victims suffer from long-term sleeping difficulties. This becomes even more common the older the patient is. After a brain injury, the body may have trouble keeping its own internal clock. The sleep cycle is regulated by a series of chemicals, and disrupting these chemicals can lead to problems like insomnia, sleep apnea or even a condition called post-traumatic hypersomnia, where the victim sleeps for many more hours than normal. Ways to Improve Sleep after a TBI Fortunately, there are…
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Can I Drive after a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

It can be easy to forget the impact that the ability to drive has on a person’s life. But for victims of traumatic brain injury, the damage is highly noticeable. Losing the ability to drive oneself can be detrimental to an individual’s sense of independence. Not only that, driving is statistically one of the most dangerous things that we do every day (and motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of TBI.) Is Driving Too Dangerous for a TBI Victim? Just because you have suffered a TBI does not mean that you will never drive again, but you should be aware of the ways a TBI can affect your ability to drive. TBIs can disrupt and slow down important skills that are essential to safe driving, such as accurate vision, concentrating for long periods of time, memory functions like recalling directions, hand-eye coordination, reaction time and safety awareness. Even…
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Why Do I Have Mood Swings after My TBI?

Posted on June 8, 2015 by Doehrman Buba

Emotional problems are common for victims living with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some victims may experience rapid, intense bouts of emotion with little to no lasting effects; others may feel as if they are on an emotional rollercoaster, with rapid ups and downs. This process is called emotional lability; you’ve probably heard it called “mood swings.” These types of problems are often caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control emotions and behavior. One of the reasons these emotional outbursts are difficult to manage is that there is not always a specific event that triggers the emotional response. A victim may suddenly become angry, or start to laugh or cry; none of these reactions are necessarily related to the way the TBI victim actually feels. This can lead to confusion for friends and family members who may think that something they did caused the victim’s outburst. How…
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