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Why Should Players Be Aware of the Signs of a Concussion?

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Doehrman Buba

Cody Lehe is a living example of what happens when you sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while playing football. Now the Indiana teen has authored a book titled The Impact of Cody Lehe, which tells the story of how his life has changed with a brain injury. says there is one important lesson Lehe wants all athletes to understand: “make sure that if you guys are ever feeling hurt or have a really bad headache, you guys don’t play anymore.” What Is Second-Impact Syndrome? In 2006, Lehe was playing in a football game when he sustained a hard hit to the head. At that point, he showed signs of a concussion such as sensitivity to light and a headache. His family took him to the emergency room where he received a battery of tests, including a CAT scan. All of the tests came back clear. Additionally, the CAT…
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What Football Position Causes the Most Concussion Symptoms?

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Doehrman Buba

According to The New York Times, three recent studies look into how football coaches and players report hits to the head and the positions that are most at risk of showing symptoms of a concussion. Interestingly, one of the studies found that offensive lineman lead all other positions in sustaining post-impact symptoms. Since linemen make contact every down, many of these players thought significant hits to the head were normal. Additionally, offensive linemen believe that impacts are smaller since they travel a short distance before making contact. Although the forces of the hits may be less, authors of the study say that these small impacts can cause serious brain issues later on. How Can Football Reduce Concussions? Researchers noted that many players underreported concussions and hard head hits. They said the most important step to reducing concussions is education. Sadly, the authors noted that colleges were inconsistent in educating players…
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How Did a Formula One Driver Sustain a Brain Injury?

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Doehrman Buba

During a Formula One race in early October at the Japanese Grand Prix, an F1 driver sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after crashing off course and into a tractor. Many wonder if the situation could have been avoided and if race officials should make safety changes. Jules Bianchi, the 25-year-old driver for Marussia was left with a “diffuse axonal injury,” says Reuters. During the race, rain was pouring down and Bianchi’s car aquaplaned off the wet track at a high rate of speed. When it went off the track, his car plowed into the back of a tractor that was in the process of removing another broken down car. F1 cars have an open cockpit, so the only protection drivers have for their head is a helmet. Bianchi’s car went underneath the tractor, which caused his head to impact the bottom of it. Are Formula One Helmets Safe? As…
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